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301 Richard and wife Catherine Hatfield were the parents of 14 children. Hatfield, Richard (I281)
302 Richard was living in Garrett, Indiana at the time of his mothers death on 1-27-1985 Simmons, Richard (I6250)
303 Riley and Dollie lived in Graham for several years. He was a city employee and county road grader operator. In his younger years he worked for his older brothers helping operate their separators (threshing machines) around the Ivan community.
They did custom plowing and threshing.

Riley and Dollie moved to Fort Worth in 1943. Here he worked as a carpenter. 
Gann, William Riley (I714)
304 Riverview Cemetary located Portage Ave. in South Bend Indiana. Stevick, Anna Maria (I26)
305 Robert lived in Westbury New York in 1961 Hoffman, Robert (I5984)
306 Ruth lived in Durham North Carolina in 1988. Hoffman, Ruth (I6019)
307 See attached sources. Likes, Joseph (I81)
308 See attached sources. Acton, William Henry (I397)
309 See attached sources. Walker, George (I3631)
310 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5993)
311 She had been ill for 15 years before her death. She moved to St. Joseph Michigan in 1890. She was a member of the First Evangelical Church of St. Joseph. Schaub, Julia (I968)
312 She is a member of the Baptist Church. Cook, Miriam (I1772)
313 She lived in Amarilla Texas in 1932 Hoffman, Ruby B. (I571)
314 She lived in Dixon Co., Nebraska in 1908 Zook, Mary Jane (I1659)
315 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2470)
316 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2586)
317 She was living in Denver, Colorado in 1908

In the 1880 Wayne, Noble Co., Indiana census Emma is living with uncle Ephriam, his wife Mary and brothers Norman age 12 and Arthur Acton age 9. These are the children of Ephriam's brother George W. Acton and wife Mollie Strater. 
Acton, Emily Flora (I2123)
318 She was raised by her aunt and uncle James and Priscilla Enos Likes. Gehring, Delphia (I6277)
319 SOUR @S0@ Phillips, Euther (I744)
320 SS # 452-03-7145 issued in Texas before 1951.

Birth Certificate # 878165 
Birdwell, John Adrian (I599)
321 ss# 384-05-8535 Meyers, Ella Juanita (I16)
322 SS# 453-76-4777 issued in Texas 1962 Johnson, Maggie Bell (I598)
323 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I64)
324 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1803)
325 Ten children were born to this couple, but I don't know their names. Bloomfield, Reuben Amos (I134)
326 The Darby Family of Kanawha County, West Virginia

Darby: English, Irish. First found in Derbyshire, where they held the family seat, from the name of the
town Derby, meaning "deer farm".

James Darby, est DOB 1780; died in 1812-1815.
James Darby was born around 1780, possibly in Caswell County, NC where he had enlisted in the army.
He died in the War of 1812 [1812-1815].

Stephen C. Darby 1804/1805-1880.
Stephen C. Darby was born in Franklin Co, VA, not far from the West Virginia border.
His father James died in the War of 1812, leaving him an orphan at the age of 7-15 along with his 3 sisters,
Margaret, Sally and Judith. The Bedford County [VA] court order dated October 1820 appointed Anthony Wright
[brother of Stephen Darby's future mother-in-law, Nancy Wright] as guardian of Margaret, Sally, Stephen
and Judith Darby, orphans of James Darby of Botetourt County, who died in service [5th Regiment, Caswell Co]
during the War of 1812. Stephen Darby and his wife Sally (Asbury) Darby sold all of their interest in the
estate of Sally's father, James Asbury, and also all of their interest in their grandfather's estate
(John D. Wright of Bedford Co, VA, who was the father of Nancy Wright, Sally's mother, and of Anthony Wright,
who was Stephen Darby's guardian), to Isaac James.
In 1830, Stephen Darby married Sarah Sally Asbury (born in 1807 in Bedford, VA).
They had 2 children, Elizabeth Darby (1831) and Gilbert Jackson Darby (1832) while living in Botetourt
County, VA. Sometime between 1832-1837 they moved to Boone [=Kanawha] County, West Virginia and had 5
more children: William Wright Darby (1835-7), Linville G. Darby (1843). John H. Darby (1843),
Philomena Darby (1845) and Mandeville J Darby (1849). Much of the family stayed in Kanawha County,
WV for several generations working as farmers, coal miners or on the railroad.

A. Father of James Darby maybe George Darby; Guardian Anthony Wright.

1. James Darby, est DOB 1780, maybe in Caswell Co, NC; died in 1812-5 in War of 1812.
Spouse: Ann Rone?
1.1 Stephen Darby, born 1804-5 inFranklin Co, VA; died 1880 in Boone, WV.
1.2 Margaret Darby
1.3. Sally Darby
1.4. Judith Darby

Darby, R. C.. Genealogy of the Darby Family : George Darby, 1726-1788, of Montgomery Co., Md. :
data for this work gathered in 1912, 1913 and 1914. Atlanta, Ga.: unknown, 1914?. 
Darby, James (I6947)
327 They first farmed in Wayne or Richland Co. Ohio and later in Wayne Co. township, Noble Co. Indiana Childs, Joseph (I167)
328 They had no children but raised Delpha Gehring, her sister's child. They lived on a farm Northeast of South Milford not far from Long Lake.

This couple found in the Indiana 1880 census in Lagrange Co., Milford, Indiana. James is listed as a farmer. No children in the household.

James lived in South Milford, Indiana at the time of his brother Joseph Likes death in 1921 
Likes, James Vernon (I122)
329 They had two children, both died at an early age one premature and the other at 6 months.

He worked for Emerick's on a large farm and made his home with them until he married. Then he farmed Jimmie Likes farm.

In the 1880 Wayne, Noble Co., Indiana census Homer age 4 born in Indiana is listed with his parents Joseph and Mary J. Likes. Also listed in this household are brothers Clarence age 10 born in Indiana, Erman age 2 born in Indiana, Elmore (Linus) age 8 months born in Indiana and sister Cora age 6 born in Indiana.

Homer was living in Clinton, Michigan at the time of his fathers death in 1921 Homer was living in Clare, Michigan at the time of his mothers death in 1911 
Likes, Homer Edwin (I88)
330 They lived in LaGrange County, Indiana Rhodes, Adam (I127)
331 They lived in Mohican Township, Wayne County, Ohio during the 1830's and 1840's. Between 1830 census and 1850 census the spelling Leix was changed to Likes. The census listed it as Laix in 1830 and as Leix in 1840. In 1850 it showed Eve
Likes with son Henry 18 yrs. Their son Jacob had gone to California in 1849, George may have went also. 
Leix, George (I150)
332 They lived in the country near Sodus, Michigan.

This family found in the 1880 census in Berrien Co., Sodus Michigan Jacob C. Likes head with wife Nancy A. and daughters Minnie M., Ida L., Stella J., and sons Alva N., and Arthur J. Likes. Abigail Likes, Jacobs mother is also living in this household. 
Likes, Jacob C. (I119)
333 They were members of the United Church of Christ Arent, Vernon L. (I1698)
334 This child age 13 is found living with Christopher Walker and wife Mary Magdalena Fissel on the 1860 Ohio census. I can find no other references to this child. If she is the child of Christopher and Mary then Mary was 55 at the time of her birth, which is possible but unlikely. This could be a grandchild living with them but I cannot place her with a family. Walker, Cathrine F. (I7156)
335 This child died in infancy Arent, Harvey (I1700)
336 This child died in infancy Arent, Algie (I1701)
337 This couple found in the 1880 census in Berrien Co., Sodus, Michigan. There are no children in the household and Allen's father is from Ireland and mother from Virginia. Allen is listed as a farm laborer. Bloomfield, Allen E. (I141)
338 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2473)
339 Three other children were born to this couple (George W. Acton and Sarah A Walker). One died at age 3 yrs. One died at age 1 yr. One died at age 26 days. Sarah Walker was living in or near Kendallville Indiana in Sept 1901 Walker, Sarah Ann (I130)
340 When Mabel was 10 years old she and her family moved from South Dakota to Michigan, eventually moving to a farm on Townline Road in Benton Township. Piggott, Mabel (I805)
341 Wilburn worked for several ranchers and farmers as a young man. While working for Mr. Willie Corbett in 1919, he married the boss's daughter.

Wilburn and many of his brothers cleared the fields that surround the Stovall Hot Water Wells at South Bend, Texas. Wilburn's job was to keep firewood on the steam driven tractor. With early life experience in butchering, he was the community butcher, helping neighbors and fellow workers to kill and process their milk pen calves and hogs for family consumption. He raised large gardens each year and freely gave of his harvest to the elderly and needy. He enjoyed calf roping, training horses, etc. Affectionately among his friends he is known as "Cowboy". To many in the areas where he has lived he will be remembered as the rattlesnake killer, a pastime that he really enjoyed as long as his eyesight permitted. 
Gann, Wilburn Andrew (I712)
342 William Acton and his wife, Malissa lived near Cumberland Maryland. William, Malissa and their three sons moved to Richland County, Ohio. Acton, William (I170)
343 William was living in Wawaka, Ohio at the time of his fathers death in 1901 Walker, William (I1754)

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