Any help in finding out who these folks are will be greatly appreciated.
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~I don't have a clue where to place this man~   ~A group of 4 women, maybe Price line~   ~I have no clue where he fits into my line~   ~This may be Joseph Likes, not sure~   ~We know the women in this photo are Martha Acton Court and her daughter Lillian Court. We would like to know who the man in the photo on the shelf above them is and if anyone has the original of that photo. We beleive him to be Martha Acton Court's father...George Washington Acton.~
~I know this is not a good photo but would like to know if anyone has this photo and can identify this man~   ~Erman Likes group at Studebaker~   ~This is possible the Acton, Price or Schaub line~   ~The back of this photo say Schaub cousins from Hovre Montana~  
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